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Zetaclear Ingredients


In recent times, many people are suffering from the problem of nail infection and they are suffering from this problem due to multiple reasons. The commonly used way to treat this problem is painting some sort of solution on the infected nail.

Among different products available in the market for curing the problem of nail infection, Zetaclear is one of them. Zetaclear is also available in spray form. You can spray it on your tongue thrice a day.

It is essential for you to know that this product is natural, so there is no possibility of side effects. However, make sure that children aged above 12 years use this product.

This product attacks the infection within the body, so there are greater chances of elimination of the infections. Below mentioned are Zetaclear ingredients.

    Antimonium Curdum: This ingredient is helpful in relieving the pain beneath the nail. In addition, it encourages the growth of the new nail. It is also helpful in treating the discoloration of nail and skin due to infection.

    Arsenicum Album: This ingredient of Zetaclear cures the skin and nail discoloration.

    Mancinella: This ingredient is available in Caribbean. It is a natural herb available from the milk of Machineel tree. In most of the cases, people are left with bluish spots on the nails after the infection leaves the body; this ingredient removes such marks on the nails. In addition, it deals with symptoms of nail infection such as dryness, burning sensation and tingling on our soles.

    Nitricum Acidum: This ingredient deals with problems such as cramping pains, burning, stinging and soreness. In addition, Nitricum can also deal with problems of skin that occurs due to nail infection. It removes the white spots present on the nails.

    Oil of Tea Tree: The oil of tea tree is popular across the world all because of its healing properties. Many centuries our ancestors used this product for keeping their skin smooth and healthy. This ingredient is available in this product in diluted form. Pregnant women as well as breast feeding women are advisable to consult their doctors before using this product. You need to avoid consuming oil of tea tree because it has many side effects on the body.

    Almond Oil: It acts as a moisturizer. In most of the cases, people use it for relieving itching and curing dry skin and chapped lips. It cures the problem of skin irritation so one can expect respite from the problem of skin allergies.

    Jojoba Oil: This ingredient has similar properties, which are available with other ingredients.

    Vitamin E Oil: This is an antioxidant, which absorbs in the muscles quickly. This oil is a treatment for improving the appearance of scars and blemishes. Most of the ingredients available in this product deal with the skin problem.

    Undecylenic Acid: It is an organic acid and the manufacturers of Zetaclear derive Undecylenic Acid from the plant of castor oil. Generally, it is helpful in promotion of healthy skin. It relieves skin problems and rashes.


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