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Top Tips For Nail Fungus Treatment

Nails need to be able to breathe fresh air, and they need to alwaysNail fungus be kept clean and dry. Nail fungus can naturally occur on toenails from wearing shoes that are too tight or worn too long, causing the feet to perspire, allowing fungus to grow.

Another cause of fungus on the nails is using another person’s nail cutter and tools which can transfer a fungus from the infected person to you. Or, yet another cause can be some form of trauma to the nail.

Bear in mind that bacteria can get in to an injured nail, and then spread to other nails on the foot. People who have low immunity have greater chances of getting nail fungus and infection.

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Tips for nail fungus treatment

There are many different kinds of medications, varying from mild to aggressive. The fungus can be treated traditionally, with self-treatment or with doctor prescribed medicines. Most people will rely on treatment from their doctors to be sure that the treatment will be safe and effective.

It is important to note that some medicines can cause serious side effects. Anyone who is suffering from any form of liver diseases, or those who are suffering from lower immune systems due to conditions such as the elderly, diabetics, people with circulatory problems or those diagnosed with AIDS will be at increased risk.

Some medicines can also cause allergies in healthy people that need to be watched for. The medication that is used for treating nail fungus is long-term, sometimes taking up to 3 months to complete. The medicine will be applied over the 3 months while the nail has time to grow back, preventing the fungi from growing and spreading to other nails.

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Success rate of nail fungus treatment

Any nail fungus is normally a long lasting condition, which even with a 60-80 percent cure rate, still means that there is at least a 15 percent chance of reoccurence. Doctors will often recommend patients to continue using the anti-fungal creams after the treatment is over to help prevent any more chance for the fungus infection to come back.

In order to keep a healthy nail, the best thing to do is practice the best hygiene possible at all times. And, of course wear open footwear as often as possible to allow your foot to breathe. Second, make sure you always change your socks if they become damp or hot, and try wearing absorbent socks.

Thirdly, avoid wearing high top boots unless absolutely necessary. And – one of the most important things to remember is to treat any infection as early as possible to prevent spreading to other toenails.

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