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Cures for Nail Fungus – What is available?

Up to 50% of nail infections are due to fungal activity in the human body. This is not always directly in the nail-bed itself. Sometimes, an infected nail can be the manifestation of fungal infections in another part of the body.

Cures for nail fungus are widely available and come in various forms. It has been clinically proven that the most effective method is a combination of more than one of the available cures for nail fungus. By applying the paint-on “varnish” fungal treatment daily and combining it with the topical cream (also daily) a far higher chance of properly curing the infection exists.

It is important however to remember that this type of treatment must continue for as long as a year to make sure that it is well and truly healed. Many people will stop treatment as soon as the nail has begun to heal. This is a grave mistake as the process of any treatment needs time to do its work properly.

There are many natural cures for nail fungus, although not all of them have been subjected to proper clinical testing. Among these are tea –tree oil and grapefruit seed extract. As with the pharmacological treatments, many suggest a combination of the two for maximum efficiency.

Some believe that the relief of the natural remedies are a myth and do not work properly or lastingly. This belief may be due to the fact that most fungal nail infections do not really hurt. The physical “look” of the nail is visible long before actual pain becomes a factor.

In fact, for most, pain never enters into the equation. The reason for that may be that the crumbling of the nail and eventual separation from the nail-bed is such a slow and insidious process that one doesn’t really feel it happening. As tea-tree oil is most commonly used for dermatological relief and specifically for areas of pain, its significance in this field has been discounted.

Many patients who have tried it though, have reported good results. It is therefore worth investigating this; possibly as an addition to clinical treatment. Many people feel bad when they discover that they have contracted a nail fungus or infection. There is a misunderstanding that this may be due to bad hygiene or a lack of attention to their nails.

This is not true as a great many of these symptoms may come from different causes. Sometimes a fungal infection may be taking place in another part of the body. One of the many symptoms will be legions on the nail-bed, causing exactly the same problems as actual nail fungal infections.

In addition, no matter how often we clean our hands and our feet for that matter, it is impossible to avoid every single type of bacteria and spore floating around. This is mainly due to the fact that our hands come into contact with more foreign surfaces than any other part of the body. Hygiene may help in prevention, but it certainly isn’t a cure.

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